Floral Kimono with Jean Shorts

I'm loving this floral kimono.  It's the kind of statement piece that makes you stand out in a good way.  I feel the look has warmer tones so I added some gold jewelry instead of silver.  What's your favorite statement piece in your closet?

Tip of the day: Cami's go with everything.  They are definitely my most used basics.  They go under shirts, sweaters and provide a blank canvas on which to create an outfit.  Forever 21 has really inexpensive but nice camis you can buy here.  Check out all the fun colors!

Floral Kimono: Lush, Pink cami: Forever 21, Jean shorts: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (Macy's), Lace up heels: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom), Beige bow bag: DSW, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Sunflower earrings: Nordstrom Rack, Lock and key necklace: Forever 21<3

Baseball Tee with Cutoffs

It's nice to have a casual outfit every so often.  Baseball tees are a great basic that I never had before this shirt.

The necklace is the exciting part:)  Have you ever hear of Origami Owl?  They sell these living lockets that you put personalized charms in.  Here's what my necklace has:

  • Blog charm-for obvious reasons!
  • Heart piano-I write music on the piano.
  • Palm tree-I live in Southern California.
  • Camera-I take pictures for my blog.
  • Music note-I love music.
  • Garnet birthstone-I was born in January.
  • Shopping bag-I love shopping.
  • Drama title board: I love improv and acting.
  • Teal awareness ribbon<3

Tip of the day: You can make your own cutoff shorts very easily.  Simply measure and cutoff the same amount from each pant leg.  The ends may fray a little but it can add to the effect.  If you don't like the fraying just cut off the little strings:)

White cami (underneath): Forever 21, Baseball tee: Forever 21, Cutoffs: Zanadi (TJ Maxx), White sneakers: Keds (JC Penny), Yellow wristlet: Target, Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Clear stud earrings: Claire's, Living locket: Origami Owl<3

Black, Silver and Zebra Print

Ok so there are a couple things I'm excited about today.  Hand jewelry and temporary tattoos!  

I love how sci fi looking this hand jewelry is!  When you combine it with the hourglass necklace it kind of reminds me of time travel:)  Plus you can get it here at Forever 21 for only $5.80!  I'm kind of tempted to get some other designs too...they're a pretty cool and affordable trend.

I'm also lovin these temporary tattoos! They look really realistic but there's no commitment.  I found mine at the dollar store but there are a couple internet sites I really like for them.  One is Tattly and the other is Concious Ink.  My favorite are the inspirational words in black.  What are yours?

Tip of the day: Prints can be overwhelming so sometimes all you need is one print.  Keeping the rest plain helps the pattern stand on it's own.

Black cami (underneath): Forever 21, Black button down shirt: Forever 21 (Plato's Closet), Zebra print skirt: H&M, Black knee high flat boots: Fergalicious, Black purse: Liz Claiborne, Clear stud earrings: Claire's, Hand jewelry: Forever 21, Hourglass necklace: Skylar<3

Maxi Skirts in Blue and Green

I went to Venice Beach (in LA) with a friend and had to get these maxi skirts at Forever Venice. They're comfortable, super soft and a great basic piece to have in nice colors.  They lady at the store told me to wear these white and black cami's with the skirts and I have to agree the combination looks pretty good.  She knows her stuff:)

I also got this necklace at this little boutique called Skylark.  It was fun because my friend got the gold hourglass and I got the silver/chrome one.  I'm pretty happy with it because it looks modern and futuristic which I love:)  It's like the time turner hourglass necklace in Harry Potter-magical!

Tip of the day:  It's easy to spend too much money shopping.  But if you see something you like and you're still thinking about it after a couple of days, get it.  That means you truly want the item as opposed to just buying on impulse.

White and black cami's: Forever 21, Blue and green maxi skirts: Julia (Forever Venice), White and gold bow sandals: Steve Madden, Beige bow bag: DSW, Clear stud earrings: Claire's, Hourglass necklace: Skylar<3

Purple and Black Tuxedo

The vest does have buttons in the front they're just hard to see...I wanted you to know it's not impossible to get on:)  It's a plain black vest which is a great basic piece that people don't really think about until they see one.

I was reading this book from the summer installment of The Clique series called Claire and I had the idea of a black vest and black shorts in mind.  I added a purple cami because it's the characters favorite color and a charm bracelet because she wears one in the book.

Tip of the day: This vest is tight around the waist which makes it figure flattering as opposed to something baggy that hides your shape.  People often wear baggy clothes to hide perceived flaws but that often makes you look bigger.  Remember the hourglass figure is what you're after:)

Black vest: Forever 21, Purple cami: l.e.i., Black tuxedo shorts: Contempo Casuals, Black shiny oxfords: Joe's Jean's (DSW), Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Silver stud earrings: Claire's<3

Graphic Tee with Silver and Gold

Graphic tees are always fun, especially when they have some bling on them:)  This is a great way to dress casually but not be boring.  I'm even mixing silver and gold!

These are those sneakers with the hidden wedge in case you were wondering.  They were everywhere last year but it seems like a trend that people either love or hate.  What do you think of wedged sneakers?

Tip of the day: Today's tip is a challenge-Pair two pieces in your closet together that you have never paired together before and see if you can make it work.  It will challenge your creativity!

Graphic T-shirt: Souvenir from Germany, Jeans: Nicole, Wedge Sneakers: Princess Vera Wang, Gold belt: Micheal Kors (Macy's), Red Wristlet: Target, Silver studs: Claire's<3

Navy Blue Scarf with White and Black


I like this idea of a scarf/necktie.  To me it's like the female version of a tie:)  Plus it's not too hot so you can even wear it when the weather is warmer.  Would you wear one?

Tip of the day: The old rule that say's you can't mix navy and black is outdated just like the no white after labor day and no mixing silver and gold jewelry rules.  Just don't try to pretend they match...we're not going for the I got dressed in the dark look;)

It's a beautiful look because it shows that you pay attention to details.  Here are a few examples from Pinterest.

White camisole: 14th and Union, White button down shirt: H&M, Black miniskirt: T*Party, Black shiny oxfords: Joe's jeans (purchased at DSW), Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (purchased at TJ Maxx), Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (purchased on Amazon), Heart necklace: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Silver studs: Claire's, Blue tie scarf: Vintage<3

Flannel with White and Gray

Flannel shirts are by nature very casual but you can dress them up more that you think:) I like the combined vibes of business secretary vs. relaxed.  It's kind of unique.  What do you think of it?

Tip of the day: Glasses are a really fun way to change your look.  You don't need to be blind!  Go ahead and pick up a non prescription pair here.  They have tons of great styles:)

White cami: Forever 21, Green and gray flannel: Forever 21, Gray skirt: Halogen (Nordstrom Rack), Black and gray heels: Mia (Plato's Closet), Black purse: Liz Claiborne, Clear stud earrings: Claire's, Black and white floral statement necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Black glasses: Target<3

Blue Halter with Brown and Black

Btw I know you're supposed to wear midi rings above your bottom knuckle not above your top this is just for the picture:)

Btw I know you're supposed to wear midi rings above your bottom knuckle not above your top this is just for the picture:)


Remember that TV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County?  I only watched a few episodes because at the time I had just moved to Orange County and wanted to see places I had been on TV:)

I was in Laguna Beach yesterday and I remember the store Muse was in the show.  I wanted to get something from there like all the rich people in the show;)  The headband was $16 and the heart midi ring (shown in the nail art photo) was only $2 so I really didn't spend that much for the experience!

I tried my hand at some diy nail art.  Usually I follow someone else's tutorial but yesterday I just decided to create something and it came out...interesting.  I think I'll stick to fashion and keep following all the nail art experts of youtube...especially Ellandish!

Finally we're getting to the outfit.  This is one of my favorite shirts because of the colors and the memories.  I've had it since middle school and I wore it for this student choreography dance performance in 9th grade.  It's the kind of shirt that doesn't really go out of style so there's no reason to get rid of it!

I also got the belt around the same time frame but they're coming back into style!  I saw a belt really similar to the one in the picture at Muse yesterday so I'm glad I kept it:)

Tip of the day: Thick vs. Thin belts...Which one should you choose to accent your waist?  If you have a short upper body, choose a thin belt and if you have a long upper body, choose a thick belt.  You don't want the belt to overwhelm your frame.

Blue halter top: Juicy Couture (purchased at TJ Maxx), Black and brown belt: Anthropologie, Brown skirt: Double Zero (purchased at Modtex), Gladiator sandals: Mossimo (Target), Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (purchased at TJ Maxx), Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Double heart and star necklace: Juicy Couture (Macy's), Blue rose earrings: Betsey Johnson (Macy's), Headband and heart midi ring: Muse<3

Black Blazer with Red

I'd probably wear something like this to a job interview but add some tights:)  I've been told that if you wear red people are more likely to remember you!  Here's a link to a helpful article on what to wear to job interviews.

Tip of the day: If you're interviewing for a job in fashion a statement necklace is a great way to show that you pay attention to trends.  You want to be viewed as modern, in style and creative. Don't be afraid to show your own personal style:)

Black blazer: Lauren Conrad (Kohls), Red camisole: Forever 21, Black circle skirt: Forever 21, Black mesh heels: International Concepts (Macy's), Beige bow bag: DSW, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Gold floral earrings: Betsey Johnson (Macy's), Black and white floral statement necklace: Nordstrom Rack<3

Military and Pink

Adding some pink to a military jacket is a great way to balance out the masculinity.  Belt it at the waist to show your femininity;)

Tip of the day: Headbands are back!  I'm excited because there are so many beautiful designs out there-have fun:)

Military Jacket: Forever 21, Pink camisole: Forever 21, Jeans: Juicy Couture (purchased on Etsy), Brown combat boots: Steve Madden (purchased at Plato's Closet), Pink purse: Juicy Couture, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Peace necklace: a DIY project, Brown stud earrings: H&M, Brown belt: Vintage<3

Little Black Dress with Leopard Print and Red

I love black, leopard print and red together!  It's a hot combination that takes you easily from day to night. This outfit would be great for a date or going to a party provided you are allowed to take your shoes off to dance!  

I'm also loving this outfit below that someone created on Polyvore!  This is what you wear during the day before the party;)

In case you don't know, Polyvore is a site where you can create your dream outfits and then find out where to buy them.  I'm sure you could spend hours doing this so if you become sleep deprived, don't say I didn't warn you:)  Have fun! 

Tip of the day: I don't know about you but I hate when the end of my belt goes through the loop and then is just sticking out like this:

So, I found the solution.  Hollywood tape!  It looks like this:

Here's the link to get it online at CVS for $8.99.  You could also use it for gaps in button front shirts as the picture on the product shows or even uncooperative bra straps:)  It's really sticky and works well for clothes as well as belts so your belt looks like this:  

Solutions yay!:)

Little black dress: No Boundaries (WalMart), Leopard print belt: WalMart, Red floral heels: Cherish Collection, Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (TJ Maxx), Silver heart charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Amazon), Heart ring: Kohls, Heart earring and necklace set: Target<3 

Black and Grey Stripes with Sequins

Finally a way to wear sequins that is appropriate for everyday wear!  I've always thought sequins were mostly just appropriate for ballet recitals and costume parties but this dress proved me wrong.  I'd feel perfectly comfortable wearing this out on a typical day.  It works because the black and grey are neutral colors so the accent sequins don't overwhelm the look.  Can you imagine if the sequens were pink?  Haha I would not wear it then!:)  Would you feel comfortable wearing this to somewhere like school or out with friends?

Tip of the day: This dress is a cross between a bodycon dress and a loose flowing dress.  It drapes across the body but not tightly.  So, to give it more shape, I added a belt.  Remember to add a belt anytime you want to accent your waist in a dress.

Black and grey striped dress: Romeo and Juliet Couture (purchased at Modtex), Black knee-high flat boots: Fergalicious (purchased at Modtex), Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (purchased at TJ Maxx), Heart earring and necklace set: Target<3

Mustard, Navy and Brown Leather

Love this brown leather skirt!  I got it at this second hand shop called Modtex in Fullerton I went to because my improv class was cancelled.  It's really cute, clean and affordable!  The skirt was only $12 and the top was only $7!  I doubt it's real leather but that's ok because faux leather feels really authentic nowadays and people also see you as a humanitarian.  So win win!  But some people also like leather to be authentic which is fine as well.

I know this is controversial but where do you stand on the leather vs. faux leather debate?

Tip of the day: A-line skirts flatter everyone because they hit your waist at the smallest point and flare outwards to help create that hourglass figure.  Here are some more outfit ideas with a brown a-line leather skirt I found on Pinterest.

Navy blue and brown as the new black and white:)

Navy blue and brown as the new black and white:)

Knee high boots with brown as the accent color!

Knee high boots with brown as the accent color!

Add a Chanel pin for class:)

Add a Chanel pin for class:)

Yellow shirt with navy accents: I Love H81 (purchased at Modtex), Brown skirt: Double Zero (nice name hah!-purchased at Modtex), White camisole: Forever 21, White sneakers: Keds (JC Penny), Silver heart charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Amazon), Heart earring and necklace set: Target<3

Casual Pink and Green

Ok so my outfit ended up being a pretty loose interpretation of the inspiration pic but, you know, I used what I had:)  I like the idea of a t-shirt with a miniskirt because it's casual without resorting to the oh so typical and boring t-shirt and jeans paradigm!  I went for preppy pink and green with Keds to just for fun:)  What do you think?

Tip of the day: You can use inspiration pics without feeling like you have to replicate the exact look and feel.  You can get inspiration from the types of clothes to the cuts of the fabric to the color combinations.  Be creative:)

Green t-shirt: Abound (Nordstrom Rack), Pink spike skirt: Kohls, White sneakers: Keds (JC Penny), White socks: Liz Claiborne, Coral purse: Coach (Macy's), Silver heart charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Amazon), Heart earrings and necklace set: Target<3

Denim on Denim and Red

I'm usually not a big denim on denim person because the look is a little rough for me.  However, I do like the idea of doing it with patterned pieces that are different shades of blue and different textures.  Luckily for me the stars on my jeans match the soft denim shirt perfectly:)  How about you?  What is one trend you usually shy away from?

Tip of the day: Denim on denim isn't as plain as it sounds.  There are plenty of different ways to do it as shown in these pictures I found on Pinterest.  Enjoy!:)

Classic celebrity style with accent shoes and mirrored glasses:)

Classic celebrity style with accent shoes and mirrored glasses:)

Add a blazer to up the sophistication factor!

Add a blazer to up the sophistication factor!

Who said you need pants!  Try a denim skirt:)

Who said you need pants!  Try a denim skirt:)

First picture: Light blue denim shirt: Rubbish, Star jeans: L.e.i. (WalMart), Red boat shoes: Reef (Nordstrom Rack), Red wallet wristlet: Target, Silver and gold bangles: Claire's, SIlver heart charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Amazon), Gold and silver bracelet: Kohls, Clear studded bracelet: Kohls, Clear stud earrings: Kohls, Chain and heart necklaces: Vintage<3

Brown, Black and Tribal Print

For this look I just wanted to combine lots of different modern elements to create a mix and match feel.  Black with brown and leather with florals (in the necklace)...I went all out on this one:) Mixing together unexpected items adds interest to otherwise typical looks: You may even end up starting a trend!  What are your favorite unexpected items to mix and match?

Tip of the day: Do you want to look modern but still classy and sophisticated?  Here's how to do it...mix black and brown.  The neutral colors keep the look sophisticated while mixing the unexpected colors is modern.  Try adding some gray and denim like Kate Holmes in the picture below.  Just black and brown=boring!


Blush tribal print blouse: Laila & Savannah (purchased at TJ Maxx), Faux leather skirt: Mossimo (Target) (purchased at Plato's closet), Lace-up heels: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom), Beige bow bag: DSW, Clear studded bracelet: Kohls, Blue Rose earrings: Betsey Johnson (Macy's), Floral and rose necklace: Forever 21<3

Ballet Dancers and Stripes

I love finding new ways to wear this striped jacket!  I didn't have a dark floral t-shirt so I used this ballerina graphic tee instead but I like the result.  Wish I was going to an upcoming ballet:)  I wouldn't have though of combining my snakeprint wedges with this outfit but that's what inspiration pics are for!  Do you ever use inspiration pictures?

Tip of the day: Treat snakeprint as a textured neutral (assuming it's not colored!).  It can add rich nice texture and pattern without taking over the show:)

Ballet shirt: Gildan, Striped jacket: Forever 21, Dark wash jeans: Kut, Snakeprint wedges: Chinese Laundry (purchased at Plato's closet), Beige bow bag: DSW, Blue rose earrings: Betsey Johnson (Macy's)<3

Blue, Yellow and Brown Stripes

There was no real inspiration for today I just kind of looked in my closet and pulled out the colors and patterns I was in the mood for.  I think the heels really update this look from casual to fashionable:)  I'm realizing that when you shop enough things start to match because there are only so many colors!  I think that's cause for concern...is shopping addiction a thing?

I've finally posted another nail art picture...it's been forever!  I like how it kind of matches my outfit:)  Here's the link to Ellandish's video.  Enjoy!!

White crop top undershirt: Forever 21, Brown striped crop top: American Rag (Macy's), Yellow shorts: Merona (Target), Lace-up heels: Vince Camuto (Nordstrom), Beige bow bag: DSW, Blue and yellow stone bracelets: Michaels, Yellow braided bracelet: Target, Silver accent bracelet: H&M, Blue chandelier earrings: Target, Neon yellow floral necklace: Forever 21, Blue belt: Target<3

Matching Crop Top and Skirt Set

These matching sets have been in style for a while now.  They are really hot for summer!  I love how it's black and white so I can play with different colors through accessories.  In addition, the tribal print says it's modern and you know fashion:)

Since it's a matching crop top and skirt set, I would recommend buying a larger size in the bottom and a smaller size in the top.  This is so the skirt will sit lower that your waist and the top will sit a little higher.  If you don't do this, the skirt and top may touch which defeats the purpose of wearing separate pieces. It all depends on your body type though: you may be fine without having to purchase different sizes.  Have you ever tried on matching sets only to find that the two pieces touch or overlap?

Tip of the day: Remember that your purse is an accessory and part of your outfit-a little color in that department may be all you need;)

Matching crop top and skirt set: Material Girl (Macy's), Black mesh heels: International Concepts (Macy's), Coral purse: Coach (Macy's), Floral statement necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Amazon), Clear stud earrings: Claire's<3