One Shoe Two Outfits

I'm sleeping over at my friend's house in LA on Monday night and I want to look fashionable without packing so many bags that it looks like I'm moving out!  I also want to be able to walk around without my feet hurting-so no heels sorry!;(.  We're taking a jazz class and probably going out to eat somewhere so we'll see!

I stuck with the classic black and white stripes theme for fun and because it goes with my silver Birkinstock-like sandals I got at H&M.  I don't know what else to call them but they are really trending right now.  Go get yourself a pair and go live your life!;) 

Heavenly Blue

My favorite color!;)

My favorite color!;)

So obviously I like blue.  It's always been my favorite color ever since I was a child. The thing is that when you start to shop as much as I do things start to match unintentionally because they only make so many colors lol!!;). 

A momochromatic look can be stunning and simple.  I especially like the cut-outs in the side of the dress because they are cool for summer and sexy in a subtle kind of way:). I look forward to making more monochromatic looks in the future!<3

White Khaki and Floral

Anthropologie Inspiration

Anthropologie Inspiration

Everyone needs some good basics like crisp white shirts and khacki shorts.  They might not be as exciting to buy as something with a colorful floral print but they allow you to wear the exciting pieces while still looking grounded in reality;).  It's like buying beautiful paints and fabrics but no canvas to put them all.  It's not a rule just an idea.  Fashion, like life, should have no rules.  It should be beautiful because you created it.

Hello World!;)

Silver sandals with military and a black and white striped dress

Silver sandals with military and a black and white striped dress

I live in Orange County but am going to to UCLA 3x a week to learn a few things:). Today's my first day so I wanted some serious street style.

Everyone's been wearing Birkinstocks or those Birkinstock like sandals so I got myself a pair at H&M.  Fashion right now is in it's ugly casual/cute phase.  Things that used to be really unfashionable like Birkinstocks with everything are now high fashion.  I even went into Brandy<3Melville and saw a shirt with pinholes in it on purpose.  Just goes to show how much fashion changes.

I think of our millenial generation fashion as lazy girl fashion (no offense anyone!;). We wear heavily distressed denim, soft oversized flannels, and tops that only come in one size.  And then there's always Converse, Uggs and Rainbows for shoes.  I guess we just want to be cool and look good naturally.  Hence the immensly popular t-shirt saying "I woke up like this" lol!;) 


Summer tropical nails with gold pointer fingers!;)

Summer tropical nails with gold pointer fingers!;)

So yesterday I got my first gel manicure ever at Happy Nails at the Irvine Spectrum Center!  I'm very pleased with the results and love the color.  What's great about them is that they dry immediately and last until your nail grows out too much or the gels fall off.  The estimated time is two weeks before you have to get them redone.  I'll let you know how they work out. Why would people get regular polish ever again?

Also I've noticed that people used to paint their ring finger a different color than the rest of the fingers.  Now people are painting their pointer finger a different color so I tried it out and liked it.  Hope you liked this lost.  Have fun fashion hunting!;) LKR<3

Back to School Plaids

Mixing high and low end: plaid with a Tiffany heart necklace!;)

Mixing high and low end: plaid with a Tiffany heart necklace!;)

I'm coming back to blogging!  It's been a while I've been trying to get my life together.  Anyways I'm sure you all have your opinions about leggings with pants...:). I happen to like them as long as the shirt is a little longer than usual to cover up!  I was at the Irvine Spectrum Center and saw about every other person wearing a plaid shirt so I decided to get one.  (Not that I didn't have one lol!;). Red is especially popular and eye catching so get on the bandwagon!  Just make sure the buttons don't gap because that's a sure way to tell the shirts too small.  Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!<3

Floral Freedom

I'm just learning to post from my phone which is pretty cool!  It makes life a lot simpler and easier.  Life really isn't that complicated if you stay authentic to your values and who you are.  Breaking away from people's expectations is the only way you will be set free.

Free People floral flowy dress!;)

Free People floral flowy dress!;)

Sometimes a printed dress with gladiator sandals is all you need for a relaxed summer vibe<3

Guess neck tie beachy vibe summer outfit!;)

Guess neck tie beachy vibe summer outfit!;)

Crisp white with wedges always gives a fresh perspective<3

Happy Birthday!

So today's my 21st birthday!  I know it's a very colorful cake:)  I found the crop top and skirt on sale at Nordstrom Rack.  I love shopping there.  I've found lot's of really great clothes for under $10 on their sale rack.  They have a wide pricing range depending on the designer so there is something there for everyone!

When you wear a skirt with some structure, like the one in the picture, it helps to give you an hourglass figure and because it sits on the waist and flares out. As for the top I'm someone who usually avoids buying boxy cut shirts.  They sit on my chest and make me look really wide. Suprisingly though this one works.  It works because it's a crop top and the skirt sits on the waist so it's defined.  So the boxy top now helps create the hourglass figure instead of covering it up.  And of course you should always add a statement necklace.  I find I use my silver and gold ones the most.

Take a chance on something you wouldn't usually wear.  You might like it:)

Francesca's Interview

So I have my Francesca's interview today!  If you've never heard of them they're this cute little boutique store with locations all across the country.  Check out they're website here.

I think plain black suits are kind of boring so I decided to wear basic business wear with a little bit of added flair:)  Try adding color to basic black and white for added interest.  Plus the color will pop against the neutral background!

Tip of the day:

When dressing for interviews remember to dress for the job you want.  If you're trying to get a job in accounting you might want to pull out that plain white button down with a black suit and pumps.  If you're trying to get a job in retail take a look at what kinds of things the company sells before your interview and try to be a professional reflection of that.

For example Francesca's sells trendy, colorful, and modern clothes with a bohemian vibe to them.  So I decided to dress professionally but made sure to add some color and personality:)

Good luck on job hunting everyone!<3

Job Update!

  So I got the job at Forever 21!  It's my first job so pretty exciting:)  I've been crazy busy so I haven't updated in forever.  I'll be sure to post my October pictures in images so you can see what I've been up to!

 So I've made a fashion challenge for myself for November.  I've decided to wear a scarf each day in a different way!  It'll be pretty easy because I found this cool book that gives you all these great ideas.  I'll be using a different idea from the book each day.  It's called 50 ways to Wear a Scarf by Lauren Friedman.  Here's what it looks like:

I found mine at this adorable little boutique called Francesca's.  They have locations all over the United States so check them out!

Oh and Happy Halloween!  Don't think I forgot:)

We weren't allowed to wear costumes at work but the theme was decades so I dressed like a 1950's housewife!  It's probably because I've been watching a lot of I Love Lucy lately.  It's amazing that a show that is over 60 years old can still be so funny!

Anyways looking forward to more posts!


Anthropologie Interview

So I have my Anthropologie interview today!  Wish me luck:)  I choose this outfit because it refects the artsy, eclectic, girly, kind of vintage vibe the store has.  Plus you can never go wrong with florals!

Yesterday I was the happiest person ever:D  My friend and I went to this secondhand designer store called Wasteland and I found this tall brown Chanel boots in my size pictured above!!:) They were $75 which isn't cheap but for Chanel that's a steal!

I saw great designers at that place like Miu Miu, Burberry, DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Wildfox, Ella Moss, Rebecca Minkoff, Theory, Bottega Veneta, Diane Von Furstenberg and others! Everything's used but in pretty good condition...check it out!

Remember that you don't have to have celebrity status wealth to be fashionable!  Labels aren't's more important that the clothes actually fit you especially since people can't even see the labels most of the time.  If you need a designer fix however (which is totally encouraged and understandable!) Wasteland is a great place to go so you don't break the bank;)<3

Stella and Dot Party

So yesterday was a lot of fun we hosted a Stella and Dot jewelry party!  If there is anywhere to wear this necklace it is at a jewelry party:)  It's a great company that is popular with celebrities. Selena Gomez wore the gold rebel pendant and Kim Kardashian wore the pegasus necklace just to name a few!  A few of my favorites are the pop geo pendant necklace and the phoenix pendent.  They look good online but much better in person!

If you want to check it out make sure to use this link at through October 19th so hurry!<3


Forever 21 Interview

So I have my Forever 21 interview today yay!:)  I got this dress there and decided to wear it to the interview because I remember how happy and confident it made me feel when I bought it! Plus the "moody florals" (or florals with a dark background) are very in for fall.

I'd love working there because I enjoy clothes (as evidenced by my fashion blog), like talking to people (as evidenced by my interest in acting and improv) and love the beautiful working environment.  It seems like a great atmosphere for anyone artistic like me:)

Remember to add a moto jacket to any outfit to transition your summer clothes to fall!<3


Windsor Interview

Yes this is a tulle skirt.  They have been trending big lately but tend to cause mixed reactions. Some people love the princess feel and some think it is a little too over the top!  In my opinion, the only way to wear them without looking [too] ridiculous is too pair them with neutrals like I did here.  But if there was any place to wear a tulle skirt, it would be Windsor!!:)

Tip of the day:  Try adding a little something to shoes by tying a ribbon around your ankle to achieve a look similar to the one below (I did it with flats above).  I had a loop in the back of my flats so I just put the ribbon through that and tied it.  If you don't have a loop, wrap the ribbon under your foot so it looks like it is part of the shoe. This is a really fun, easy and inexpensive diy!:)

So I've finally figured out what I'm going to do with this blog.  I'm going to start back in October but only post once a week on Fridays.  I'm going to call this Fashion Fridays!  I also hope to post nail art once a week I find as well.  

The reason I'm not posting everyday anymore is because it's just a little too overwhelming.  I have a lot of other things going on and need to prioritize what I want to focus on.  I've realized that I can't do everything and I need to choose where I spend my time wisely.  I'm still going to keep up the blog because I love fashion but I'm not going to make it my main focus.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you understand<3