Matching Crop Top and Skirt Set

These matching sets have been in style for a while now.  They are really hot for summer!  I love how it's black and white so I can play with different colors through accessories.  In addition, the tribal print says it's modern and you know fashion:)

Since it's a matching crop top and skirt set, I would recommend buying a larger size in the bottom and a smaller size in the top.  This is so the skirt will sit lower that your waist and the top will sit a little higher.  If you don't do this, the skirt and top may touch which defeats the purpose of wearing separate pieces. It all depends on your body type though: you may be fine without having to purchase different sizes.  Have you ever tried on matching sets only to find that the two pieces touch or overlap?

Tip of the day: Remember that your purse is an accessory and part of your outfit-a little color in that department may be all you need;)

Matching crop top and skirt set: Material Girl (Macy's), Black mesh heels: International Concepts (Macy's), Coral purse: Coach (Macy's), Floral statement necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Amazon), Clear stud earrings: Claire's<3

Floral Cutout Dress and Gold

This outfit has a similar feel to Dolce and Gabbanna's Spring 2014 line.  The light florals, black and gold coins were really huge.

I think cutout dresses are fun for summer...they're flirty but not too revealing.  Would you wear one?

Tip of the day: I think we can all agree that a lot of runway wear is not really appropriate for everyday wear.  However, that doesn't mean that you can't gather inspiration from the colors, patterns and textures.  You may even find a picture that is fairly wearable like the photo above. Polka dots and vintage floral: a creative match made in heaven!:)

Floral Cutout dress: Made for Impulse (Macy's), Gladiator sandals: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target), Gold coin necklace: H&M, Black mini purse: Dooney & Bourke, Hoop earrings are vintage<3

Movie Star Outfit

So today I took a quote from a book I was reading and then brought it to life!  I read the whole The Clique series by Lisi Harrison a couple months ago and really liked it.  It's basically about rich, bitchy popular girls in middle school but I actually find it really interesting and entertaining.  The books explore ideas of status and wealth and what it means to be on top.  I did feel a little better though when I read that it is actually for young adults and inspired by working for MTV, not by middle school:)

Anyways, the Massie character is supposed to be wearing this to a movie audition in LA.  I probably wouldn't wear this to a movie audition, but I think it's adorable for hanging out at home or running some errands.  It's a cute and casual way to upgrade sweatpants!  I had the pants and picked up the halter top at a few days ago because I thought it was a great basic and remembered it mentioned in the book.  What do you think?  Would you ever take inspiration from a book?

Tip of the day: Remember the song Black and Gold from Sam Sparrow a few years ago?  Well black and gold look really good together fashion wise-just sayin;)

Halter top: Forever 21, Black pants: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom Rack), White and gold bow sandals: Steve Madden, Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (TJ Maxx), Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Clear studs: Claires, White bandeau bought at a local boutique<3

Blue, Yellow and White Lace

I love the colors and textures in this outfit!  It gives this fun, casual yet sophisticated vibe.  My mom made this necklace a few years ago when she went through this jewelry making phase but I still really like it.  Focus is important!  You have to (mostly) always be on the path to achieving your goals!:)

Tip of the day: Lace is a little see through but that doesn't mean you always have to wear a cami underneath.  If you have a lace bra or bandeau it will still look cute and not scandalous since it's not fully sheer:)

Top photo Blue sweater: Mossimo (Target), White lace blouse: Love on a Hanger (Nordstrom Rack), Yellow shorts: Merona (Target), Burgundy belt: Old Navy, Brown combat boots: Steve Madden (purchased at Plato's closet), Beige bow bag: DSW, Stud earrings: Kohls, Focus necklace: diy project!<3

Mixing Stripes

So yes, I do know that the black and white stripes do not match exactly.  That is the point:) Matchy, matchy is fun sometimes but at other times let's mix it up!  Firstly, it works because the stripes are limited to the black and white color scheme so the look is not overwhelming. Secondly, it works because the stripes are different enough to communicate that the wearer did not try to have the pieces match.  If the stripes look too similar it will just look like you can't quite match your clothes!  What do you think?  Would you try this style?

Tip of the day:  I've been using these black combat boots a lot lately so I suggest you try a pair out yourself: they add a casual edge to a wide variety of outfits and contrast nicely with girly clothes:)

Crop top (#1): ASTR (Nordstrom Rack), Crop top (#2): American Rag (Macy's), Black and white striped skirt: Forever 21, Black combat boots: Bucco Capensis (Ross), Black purse: Liz Claiborne, Heart necklace and earrings: Target, Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture<3

Kelleigh Bannen "Famous" Outfit Inspiration

So I was at The Grove yesterday in LA and saw Kelleigh Bannen (not Banning like the picture above!) for the first time performing at the summer stage concert.  I had never heard of her but I really loved her song Famous that she sang.  I also thought her outfit was really cool!  As you can see above she was wearing a plain black dress with sheer fabric on top which made a great canvas for displaying all the necklaces/chains she was wearing.  It makes sense that she likes wearing a lot of necklaces since she has her own company where she makes and sells jewelry.  

I think it's really cool to see someone do two creative things at the same time and be successful because I'm a lot like that.  I love fashion but I also love writing music so it's nice to know I don't necessarily have to choose!  On her website she says that "there's something about a creative lifestyle that invites more and more creativity".  I couldn't agree more:)

So with my version of the outfit I just put a long sheer shirt over a black cami and miniskirt to create the canvas.  I usually wear it tucked in or tied as a shirt but it's actually almost a dress if I just let it hang loose.  Then I just added as many silver necklaces as I thought looked appealing...simple, elegant and edgy!

Tip of the day: If your having trouble deciding what to wear gather inspiration on or off stage from your favorite celebrity!:)

Top photo Black sheer shirtdress: Morgan Square, Black cami: Forever 21, Black mini skirt: T*Party, Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke, Heart Necklace: Wal Mart, 3-tired necklace: Macy's, Chain necklace: Vintage, Stud earrings: Kohls, Silver bangles: Claire's<3

Pearls, Combat Boots and Coral

Ok I've been a little obsessed with the combat boots/feminine thing lately but it really works!  If you wore this with heels you would have to be going to a New Years Eve party or something. With the boots you could wear this to a more everyday location like shopping with friends or going out to lunch.  The purse is fun because it adds some color and personality to an otherwise black and white ensemble.  Where would you wear this?

Tip of the day: Shirts with embellishments can really look expensive because of all the different materials used.  No one will know it was actually affordable...isn't that the whole point?:)

Embellished black shirt: Forever 21, White shirt: Forever 21, Combat boots: Bucco Capensis (Ross), Coral purse: Coach (Macy's)<3

Black Illusion, Flowers and Combat Boots

I love combining a more formal dress with combat boots because it makes it more appropriate for everyday wear and less "super girly" to use the official term;)  I've had this dress for a few years and was just in the mood for it.

I don't know if you constantly get rid of clothes you haven't worn in a while but I personally don't recommend it.  I love looking in my closet and finding treasures I didn't remember I had!  Don't become a hoarder though...if anything is damaged or you don't like it anymore get rid of it.  But things come in and out of style quickly and preference changes so, if you have the space for it, why not keep it?  Organization is key though: If things are everywhere you will just keep wearing the same things because it will be too hard to find anything.  Just tips to keep in mind:)

Tip of the day: Try a long necklace with some kind of pendant-it will lengthen your line making you appear taller and thinner.  Plus they're coming back for fall 2014!

Black illusion dress: Forever 21 (purchased at Plato's closet), Combat boots: Bucco Capensis (Ross), Black purse: Liz Claiborne<3

Knee-high socks: Fashion Do or Don't?

This picture of Taylor Swift was featured in the August Issue of Glamour magazine on page 42 (in case you want to follow along:).  They were discussing if knee-high socks are a do or don't in fashion.  It was pretty controversial topic with only 57% of readers saying they were a do.  I personally liked the way these were styled so I recreated my own version above with things I had.  I do think there is a age limit though: You can wear them in your teens and twenties but when you become a real adult (somewhere around 30 maybe?) they become too juvenile.

What do you think?  Do you like knee high socks and what ages are they appropriate at?

Tip of the day: This burgundy color has been a hot trend for awhile in skinny jeans and knee high socks.  The trend still seems to be going strong probably because they act like an updated neutral.  Have fun and experiment:)

Brown floral hat: Mossimo (Target), Blue button-down shirt: Old Navy, Khaki shorts: Mossimo (Target), Burgundy socks: Urbanog, Nude wedges: Dexter, Floral necklace: Kohls, Beige bow bag: DSW<3

Edgy Black Sophistication

I love fashion because it's like playing dress up.  When I wear something like this, I feel like I've made it.  I can confidently walk into Nordstrom and pick up $1200 shoes with no shame because I feel worthy of looking at them.  It's almost like role playing because each outfit gives a different feeling.  The more I feel that I look like a successful person, the closer I feel to success. Don't ignore the power of perception.  I didn't make any more money than I made yesterday but somehow I feel richer...and better about myself.

Tip of the day:  Add some leather to basic black for an edgier look (notice the collar and button area is faux leather!).

I'm going to a conference for the next few days so I'm going to take a short break from blogging.  I will be back on Monday, July 21st.  Can't wait to talk to you again then:)

Black button front blouse: Forever 21, 3-tiered triangle necklace: Charlotte Russe, Dark wash jeans: Nicole, Silver studs: Claire's, Black caged heels: Via Spiega (TJ Maxx), Black mini purse: Dooney and Burke<3

The Fashion Formula

Here's a nice formula I found to help when you're having trouble deciding what to wear.  It breaks down an outfit into smaller parts so you don't feel so overwhelmed trying to put together a whole look.  Here's how my outfit breaks down:

1 Basic=Dark jeans +

1 Interest piece=Floral Blouse +

1 Completer piece=Wood belt +

Accessories= Blue boots, Coral purse, Love necklace, Heart earrings, Blue beaded bracelet

I wouldn't recommend using this all the time since fashion is an art and not a formula.  However, it's great when your having one of those know?

Tip of the day: Flare jeans should not end at your ankles.  When you are wearing heels they should cover the ankle and just show some of the toe and heel.

Dark jeans: Merona (Target), Floral Blouse: Eyelash Couture (Kohls), Wood belt: Target, Blue boots: Clarks (Macy's), Coral purse: Coach (Macy's), Love necklace: Old Navy, Heart earrings: Claire's, Blue beaded bracelet: Mother's Market<3

Black, Tan and Gold

Sometimes it's fun to play with necklines-I used a collar necklace on a v-neck dress to be different and add some interest:)  I know it's the middle of July and your probably thinking "Why are you wearing high boots?".  Well when it's a little cooler in the evening you can afford to wear something a little more winter-like.  Plus I didn't add tights so you won't be boiling!

This outfit is a mix of neutrals which adds sophistication.  Just be careful not to cross into the land of dull and boring when you don't have bright colors.  I did this by adding the gold jewelry and picking a dress with unique embellishments.  What do you think about people who wear all neutrals?

Tip of the day: Sometimes less is more in an outfit.  If you don't believe me take a hint from Coco Chanel;)

I think this is a odd quote for someone who sells accessories but she does have a point. Minimalism can be beautiful.  Too many accessories can make an outfit look busy.  I think this is more important to keep in mind if you want to be taken seriously.  If it's a casual day overdoing the accessories can be kind of fun:)

Tan safari dress: Alfani (Macy's), Tall black boots: Bass Outlet, Black mini purse: Dooney & Burke, Yellow floral earrings: Betsey Johnson, Gold collar necklace: Claire's<3

Neon Cloud Dress

This is a dress you are going to either love or hate.  Either way, it will grab your attention.  Neon's are notorious for that:)  I was thinking of the best place to wear this and my conclusion was an acting audition.  In a sea of people in "regular clothes" you will stand out and, if nothing else, be remembered!  In LA being remembered if half the battle right?  If acting's not your thing I would suggest wearing it when you want to go out, have fun with friends and meet people.  It's kind of a conversation starter:)

Tip of the day: Try some sunglasses with color on the frames and have fun matching them with your outfits:)

Neon cloud dress: L<3 Amour (JC Penny), Black caged heels: Via Spiga (TJ Maxx), Bow Necklace: Forever 21, Stud earrings: Claire's, Fearless bracelet: Nordstrom Rack, Blue Purse: Kate Spade (Nordstrom Rack)<3

Prom and Combat Boots

I wore this necklace to my senior prom in high school sooo I didn't think that I could wear it on a daily basis.  But since statement necklaces are in and I'm just at home today working on my music, I decided to give it a try.  The sparkle shorts make the necklace make sense while the combat boots add a bit of edge so I don't look too sweet and princess-like (a new adjective I just coined:)  Bty the necklace is not as sparkly in person as it is on camera so keep that in mind when voicing your opinion!  What do you think?

Tip of the day: Mixing opposites is a great way to add balance and interest to an outfit.  For example, this outfit mixes feminine jewelry with masculine combat boots.

Floral ruffle top: Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters), High-waisted sparkle jean shorts: Hollister, Black combat boots: Bucco Capensis (Ross), Black mini purse: Dooney & Burke, Sparkle necklace: Claire's, Stud earrings: Claire's<3

Brown and Purple Florals

Country, vintage, cute and floral are the first words I think of when describing this outfit:)  It's a kind of relaxed bohemian vibe which I think makes you look approachable.  What do you think?

Tip of the day: Remember that light wash jeans are generally considered more casual than darker wash jeans.  Style appropriately!;)

Floral shirt: MIne (purchased at Plato's closet), Nude undershirt: Forever 21, Jeans: Kut, Nude wedges: Dexter, Stud earrings: Claire's, Beige bow bag: DSW<3

Black, White and Light Blue Lace

I got this light blue blazer and wasn't exactly sure how to wear it but anything goes with black and white-right?  On Thursdays I usually go shopping at The Camp in Costa Mesa before going to my aerial class because rush hour traffic is awful.  The Camp is this adorable little bohemian like village with lots of handmade stuff and wonderful places to eat.  The details are so cute and amazing-you have to see for yourself!  Also, yes, I take aerial classes for fun and exercise because running kind of makes me want to shoot myself:P  I like interesting and creative forms of exercise-you should give it a try it's loads of fun:)

Anyways I picked up a few blazers at Plato's closet because colored blazers are a hot trend for fall.  This one was only $8 and the black one was $12 so for both it was $20 which was a great deal.  The store sells slightly used clothing but this store is clean while other second hand stores smell and feel gross:P  I prefer cropped blazers like this one because they are less formal and show off more of your figure.  It just doesn't look cropped on the mannequin because she is very flat chested:)

Tip of the day: Black & White + a pop of color is a good fashion formula for the fun but sophisticated look...have fun!;)

Blue lace cropped blazer: Charlotte Russe (Plato's Closet), Black cami: Forever 21, White and black tuxedo shorts: Mossimo (Target), Shiny black oxfords: Joe's Jeans (DSW), Wish bracelet: Bonton, Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke<3

Tropical Paradise

So I wore this today to see The Other Woman (again) in the $2 theater near my house.  I love Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann together-so hilarious!  Anyways I won't spoil it for you even though you should have seen it months ago;)

I got this dress yesterday at Urban Outfitters for $10 (unfortunately the exact dress isn't online but may be in stores) which was kind of a steal for that place.  I was like "what's wrong with it it's adorable!".  I even got a compliment on it today which I always appreciate.  It's a body con dress so I know not everyone is comfortable wearing them.  But a lot of times baggy clothes don't hide anything they just make you look bigger so why not go for it?  What is your opinion on body con dresses?

Tip of the day: Summer is the perfect time for tropical print in case you get invited to any of those parties with poolside midnight dancing or something...Also a jacket tied around your waist is practical but also gives a casual, cool vibe:)

Tropical dress: Kimchi Blue (Urban Outfitters), Pink Cardigan: Old Navy, White and Gold bow sandals: Steve Madden, Neon floral necklace: Forever 21, Tropical charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Yellow stone bracelet: Wal Mart, Fearless bracelet: Nordstrom Rack, Black Mini Purse: Dooney and Bourke<3

Jeans and Oxfords

I didn't realize how Taylor Swift this looked until after I wore this.  Jeans and oxfords are kind of her thing but it's fun to steal sometimes:)

I got these oxfords the other day and was wondering if I'd wear them enough because of the shine (they're not plain like Taylor's!).  The girl at the store said they would amp up basic outfits and I actually agree with her.  The shoes are still basics but upgraded to keep them from being boring.  What do you think of shiny black oxfords?

Tip of the day: You can recreate your favorite celebrity's style without breaking the bank-look at lots of pictures and find similar pieces in stores that are in your price range:)

Shiny black oxfords: Joe's Jeans (DSW), Dark red jeans: Refuge (Charlotte Russe), Gray t shirt: Active Basics, Zodiac necklace: Juicy Couture, Silver charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Black mini purse: Dooney & Burke<3

White and Black Leather

So I think it would be cool to have a lot of money.  Anyone with me?  Sometimes I like to go to South Coast Plaza and just go into the really expensive stores like Chanel, Prada, Jimmy Choo and etc. and just let my imagination run wild.  I'm not going to buy a $1200 pair of shoes but I can at least dream about it:)

In order to have the experience be fun and not embarrassing, you have to look and act the part. That means you have to look rich and act like your loaded.  How do you do that?  Well here are a few tips:

1)  DO NOT gasp at the prices.  Act like you see them everyday.  If you start to feel nausiated just take a couple of zeros off and pretend what your looking at is that price;)  

2)  Look sophisticated like someone who prefers quality over quantity.  I like to do this by wearing classic pieces like button down shirts, pencil skirts, blazers, pumps etc.  You want too look like you made it in this world and not like a joke.

3) Act like you belong there.  Pretend your walking into a store that your more comfortable in and try to maintain that same presence.  Remember that you are entitled, you belong there, and you deserve the best.

4) One piece of good news if that you don't need the labels to show because it can look like your trying to hard.  Just focus on the details like having your nails, hair and makeup done.  This video's kind of interesting on how to act rich.

5) What this really is about is social status.  Designer goods signify we have high social status. So if you don't think of yourself as someone who is upper class, your going to feel intimidated walking into those stores.  Use your acting skills: For the next hour be upper class and superior-have fun with it!

Do you ever walk into designer stores even when you can't really buy anything?  What was your experience like?

Tip of the day: Black and white is great when you want to look sophisticated.  The stereotype with black and white is the New York businesswoman: and people who do business in New York (think Wall Street) have money:)  Also you can use black and white to accentuate and downplay different features.  White makes things appear bigger and black makes them appear smaller.  If you are pear shaped, for example, wear black on the bottom and white on the top.  If you're chesty, simply switch this around:)

White button down shirt: H&M, Black (faux which is animal friendly to admit:) leather skirt: Mossimo (Target) (Plato's closet), Black mesh heels: International Concepts (Macy's), White bandeau: local boutique, Black and white floral statement necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (TJ Maxx)<3

Dolce and Gabbana Runway Inspiration

I'm getting some inspiration today from the high fashion world of Dolce and Gabanna!:)  I was wondering what everyone liked better: light or dark florals with gold?  I like them both but it depends on my mood: light florals for a more carefree day and dark for one that is (slightly) more serious.  I mean, they're still flowers after all:)

All of talk about high fashion is making me think of one of my favorite sites called the fashion police which can be reached here.  They are absolutely hilarious!-they basically make fun of ridiculous fashion trends that are usually high priced and point out others that they believe are on the fence.  I mean I appreciate high fashion for what it is, but you have to admit there aren't a lot of places you could wear the two runway outfits pictured above.  While they don't have practical value, they are beautiful which is not always the case with high fashion.

Here's an example:

I mean, like, is this for real? I found this image at WTF (ashion) which can be located here.  Visit the website for even more fun and laughs:)

Tip of the day:  Don't get swept away by trends that are not even likeable.  Remember Crocs! yeah I'm sad to say I had a couple pairs.  They actually were kind of growing on me until they started putting on those charm things in the holes.

This is not for a 2 year old...there is a playboy bunny on the right shoe! And Jesus didn't fit.  Oops:P

Light floral: Dress: Forever 21, Daisy earrings: Nordstrom Rack, Coin necklace: H&M, Belt: Target, Gold heels: Bandolino, Blue purse: Kate Spade<3

Dark floral: Dress: Forever 21, Coin necklace: H&M, Gold belt: Target, Gold flats: Old Navy, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture, Black mini purse: Dooney and Burke<3