Happy Birthday!

So today's my 21st birthday!  I know it's a very colorful cake:)  I found the crop top and skirt on sale at Nordstrom Rack.  I love shopping there.  I've found lot's of really great clothes for under $10 on their sale rack.  They have a wide pricing range depending on the designer so there is something there for everyone!

When you wear a skirt with some structure, like the one in the picture, it helps to give you an hourglass figure and because it sits on the waist and flares out. As for the top I'm someone who usually avoids buying boxy cut shirts.  They sit on my chest and make me look really wide. Suprisingly though this one works.  It works because it's a crop top and the skirt sits on the waist so it's defined.  So the boxy top now helps create the hourglass figure instead of covering it up.  And of course you should always add a statement necklace.  I find I use my silver and gold ones the most.

Take a chance on something you wouldn't usually wear.  You might like it:)

Francesca's Interview

So I have my Francesca's interview today!  If you've never heard of them they're this cute little boutique store with locations all across the country.  Check out they're website here.

I think plain black suits are kind of boring so I decided to wear basic business wear with a little bit of added flair:)  Try adding color to basic black and white for added interest.  Plus the color will pop against the neutral background!

Tip of the day:

When dressing for interviews remember to dress for the job you want.  If you're trying to get a job in accounting you might want to pull out that plain white button down with a black suit and pumps.  If you're trying to get a job in retail take a look at what kinds of things the company sells before your interview and try to be a professional reflection of that.

For example Francesca's sells trendy, colorful, and modern clothes with a bohemian vibe to them.  So I decided to dress professionally but made sure to add some color and personality:)

Good luck on job hunting everyone!<3

Job Update!

  So I got the job at Forever 21!  It's my first job so pretty exciting:)  I've been crazy busy so I haven't updated in forever.  I'll be sure to post my October pictures in images so you can see what I've been up to!

 So I've made a fashion challenge for myself for November.  I've decided to wear a scarf each day in a different way!  It'll be pretty easy because I found this cool book that gives you all these great ideas.  I'll be using a different idea from the book each day.  It's called 50 ways to Wear a Scarf by Lauren Friedman.  Here's what it looks like:

I found mine at this adorable little boutique called Francesca's.  They have locations all over the United States so check them out!

Oh and Happy Halloween!  Don't think I forgot:)

We weren't allowed to wear costumes at work but the theme was decades so I dressed like a 1950's housewife!  It's probably because I've been watching a lot of I Love Lucy lately.  It's amazing that a show that is over 60 years old can still be so funny!

Anyways looking forward to more posts!


Anthropologie Interview

So I have my Anthropologie interview today!  Wish me luck:)  I choose this outfit because it refects the artsy, eclectic, girly, kind of vintage vibe the store has.  Plus you can never go wrong with florals!

Yesterday I was the happiest person ever:D  My friend and I went to this secondhand designer store called Wasteland and I found this tall brown Chanel boots in my size pictured above!!:) They were $75 which isn't cheap but for Chanel that's a steal!

I saw great designers at that place like Miu Miu, Burberry, DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Wildfox, Ella Moss, Rebecca Minkoff, Theory, Bottega Veneta, Diane Von Furstenberg and others! Everything's used but in pretty good condition...check it out!

Remember that you don't have to have celebrity status wealth to be fashionable!  Labels aren't everything...it's more important that the clothes actually fit you especially since people can't even see the labels most of the time.  If you need a designer fix however (which is totally encouraged and understandable!) Wasteland is a great place to go so you don't break the bank;)<3

Stella and Dot Party

So yesterday was a lot of fun we hosted a Stella and Dot jewelry party!  If there is anywhere to wear this necklace it is at a jewelry party:)  It's a great company that is popular with celebrities. Selena Gomez wore the gold rebel pendant and Kim Kardashian wore the pegasus necklace just to name a few!  A few of my favorites are the pop geo pendant necklace and the phoenix pendent.  They look good online but much better in person!

If you want to check it out make sure to use this link at http://www.stelladot.com/ts/2xf16 through October 19th so hurry!<3


Forever 21 Interview

So I have my Forever 21 interview today yay!:)  I got this dress there and decided to wear it to the interview because I remember how happy and confident it made me feel when I bought it! Plus the "moody florals" (or florals with a dark background) are very in for fall.

I'd love working there because I enjoy clothes (as evidenced by my fashion blog), like talking to people (as evidenced by my interest in acting and improv) and love the beautiful working environment.  It seems like a great atmosphere for anyone artistic like me:)

Remember to add a moto jacket to any outfit to transition your summer clothes to fall!<3


Windsor Interview

Yes this is a tulle skirt.  They have been trending big lately but tend to cause mixed reactions. Some people love the princess feel and some think it is a little too over the top!  In my opinion, the only way to wear them without looking [too] ridiculous is too pair them with neutrals like I did here.  But if there was any place to wear a tulle skirt, it would be Windsor!!:)

Tip of the day:  Try adding a little something to shoes by tying a ribbon around your ankle to achieve a look similar to the one below (I did it with flats above).  I had a loop in the back of my flats so I just put the ribbon through that and tied it.  If you don't have a loop, wrap the ribbon under your foot so it looks like it is part of the shoe. This is a really fun, easy and inexpensive diy!:)

So I've finally figured out what I'm going to do with this blog.  I'm going to start back in October but only post once a week on Fridays.  I'm going to call this Fashion Fridays!  I also hope to post nail art once a week I find as well.  

The reason I'm not posting everyday anymore is because it's just a little too overwhelming.  I have a lot of other things going on and need to prioritize what I want to focus on.  I've realized that I can't do everything and I need to choose where I spend my time wisely.  I'm still going to keep up the blog because I love fashion but I'm not going to make it my main focus.

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you understand<3

Hollister Interview

So I have this group interview for Hollister today.  I hope I get the job!

I know this seems kind of casual for an interview but the manager specifically said to dress casual.  Plus, I wanted to wear something I would wear to work.  I want them to be able to picture me in their working environment.  Plus they always say dress for the job you want which is exactly what I'm doing!

I would enjoy working there because I love fashion and enjoy talking to customers.  I love acting so I would think of my job as the role of someone who lives and sells the Hollister lifestyle.  It wouldn't be too hard to act since I live in So Cal and love the beach:)  I want to help people enjoy their shopping experience and feel privileged wearing Hollister clothes.

I also wanted to let you know that I am going to take a break from blogging for a while to focus on getting my music together.  I'm planning to be back October 1st at the latest.  Sorry to keep you all hanging!:)<3

Black and White with a Denim Vest

I found this vest at Buffalo Exchange which is a second hand store with lots of cool stuff for great prices:)  A denim vest is a great basic to have.  I especially like this one because it shows your figure instead of making you look like a rectangle.  Plus there are no buttons to gap in weird places.  You never know what you'll find there!

Tip of the day: Black and white clothes are going to last you forever.  These colors never go out of style and will keep you looking classy:)

White long sleeved shirt: Playet Gold (Macy's), Denim vest: Urban Vibe (Buffalo Exchange), Black circle skirt: Forever 21, White sneakers: Keds (JC Penny), Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke (TJ Maxx), Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Bowtie necklace: Forever 21, Clear and gold stud earrings: Kohls<3

Casual White and Gold

This outfit is a great example of how mixing silver and gold is no longer prohibited.  I mean, the sandals are literally silver and gold mixed together.  And they're Michael Kors so he kind of knows what he's doing:)  The white and denim both go with silver and gold so they help bring the look together.

Tip of the day: Casual doesn't need to be sloppy.  Making that little extra effort with cute shoes and a belt is going to make you feel better about yourself and therefore more confident through out the day.  People like being around happy people:)

White Cami: Color story, White hoodie: Juicy Couture, Gold Belt: Michael Michael Kors (Macy's), Jean shorts: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target), Silver and gold sandals: Michael Micheal Kors (Macy's), Beige Bow purse: DSW, Earrings, necklace and bracelet: Kohls<3

Blue Overall Dress and Letter Pendant

The necklace is a locket so I have to find something to put inside it.  Any ideas?

I like this overall dress because you can change it up by wearing any shirt underneath.  Plus it's plain so you can accessorize away:)

Tip of the day: Try wearing a necklace with your initials on it.  It will help make your outfit feel more personal.

Black and brown striped crop top: Soprano (Nordstrom Rack), Blue overall dress: Forever 21, Brown combat boots: Steve Madden (Plato's closet), Beige bow purse: DSW, Gold midi ring: Muse, Silver stud earrings: Kohls, L Pendant Necklace: Lenora Dame (TJ Maxx)<3

Coral. Gold and Denim

I found this Fossil scarf with the tag still on it for $2 at this thrift shop!  I was pretty excited..you never know what treasures you'll find. I even had this shirt to match to create this casual late summer feel.  I think this would be cute for gong to brunch with your friends or something.

Tip of the day: Scarves aren't just for winter!  If the scarf is light, like the one in the picture, you can even wear it in the summer.  It"s a new trend that's going around:)

Coral top: Charlotte Russe, Scarf: Fossil (great thrift shop find!), Denim skirt: Express (TJ Maxx), Gold flats: Old Navy, Beige bow purse: DSW, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Sunflower earrings: Nordstrom Rack, Floral necklace: Kohls<3

Green Bustier and Floral Skirt

I bought this top forever ago and it got lost in my closet.  It somehow got in the gray section...I have no idea how.  Sometimes you just need to take a few minutes and go through all your clothes to see what you have.  You may find things you forgot about which will help inspire new outfits.

Also, organize your closet.  I know that if my closet is messy I'll just wear the same favorites over and over out of habit.  I've done it by type and color and color is definitely better.  Color is the first thing you see when you look at something.  Plus, mixing too many colors together is chaotic.

Tip of the day: Challenge yourself to wear something that you hardly ever wear.  It's kind of like going shopping for free:)

Green bustier: Forever 21, Floral skirt: American Rag (Macy's), White Sneakers: Keds (JC Penny), Black mini purse: Dooney and Bourke, Gold charm bracelet: Juicy Couture (Nordstrom), Gold midi ring: Muse, Bowtie necklace: Forever 21<3